Technology behind pulls together several open-source and Create Commons technologies to come up with smooth-running Maps In 3D. I've included a little info about each below.

The core 3D engine for was made possible by a great platform called WebGL Earth, courtesy of Klokan Technologies. The source-code for WebGL Earth is up on Github. The map tiles you see displayed during the FlyBys are courtesy of Bing.

The text-to-speech capabilities I'm using on are courtesy of a fantastic collaborative project called MaryTTS. It was developed by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the institute of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Saarland. MaryTTS is open-source, and you can find full details and get hold of the source yourself at the MaryTTS homepage.

The descriptive text which appears under each city's Panorama, and which is spoken by the MaryTTS system, is from Wikipedia.

I'm a big-time Linux and Emacs guy. Though I've done plenty of work under Windows too, and, back in the day, under Solaris/SGI. I enjoy chatting about technology with people, so I'd love to hear from you!

I'm a passionate software engineer, and am available for hire as a freelance programmer. If you like what you see here at and you have website or system needs, please get in touch. I'm always open to new work proposals, since software is eating the world at a voracious rate. We need to keep its diet healthy!

Happy touring ;o)

(Page last updated 12/28/2012)